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This page is dedicated to GeoCache hidden WGS84 Location:

Lat: 45 deg. 48.1219 min. N
Long: 15 deg. 17.4429 min. E
Elevation: 412m
On Noveber-15-2003 By Marko Pavlin

Staring point(s)

Nearest vilage is Tolsti vrh

It’s recommended to leave your car at church in the vilage and take a walk around 30minutes to Cache location.

There are other starting points available affording nice walk for familly or just to enjoy the scenery of Gorjanci and nice nature.
Here are my suggestions:

Starting point Location type N Lat (WGS84) E Long (WGS84) Walking time Elev. Air dist. (km)
Otocec Castle, hotel 45° 50.2811′ 15° 14.1210′ 4h 192 5.9
Gracarjev turn Old castle 45° 48.9570′ 15° 17.7949′ 1h 242 1.6
Prezek Old castle 45° 47.8054 15° 19.3132 2h 318 2.5
Pleterje Cloister and museum 45° 49.0607 15° 21.1299 3h 238 5.1
Novo mesto Nearest town 45° 48.2813 15° 10.0320 6h 202 9.6


The destination is:
Lat: 45 deg. 48.1219 min. N
Long: 15 deg. 17.4429 min. E

Cache is hidden on the ruins wall inside recess (shallow hole in the wall). Exact location is shown on ground plan:

It’s behind the ruins, on east side, on plan above is marked with red triangle. Two photos are available too:


Cache contents

At the time of stashing the cache, there was a log book, a pencil with sharpener, stash notes in English, German ad Slovenian language and special prize for the first who will catch the GeoCache – a music CD:

Other notes

In case you decide to have longer walk up to the peak of Gorjanci, this location is just the staring point. There is pleasing route through the forest al the way up to the Gorjanci summit, called Trdinov vrh. It’s worth the effort going throug virgin forests and enjiong in the nature.

Other, close destinations (point of interest) are:

POI Location type N Lat (WGS84) E Long (WGS84) Walking time Elev.
Trdinov vrh Summit 45° 45.5876 15° 19.0882 3 1178
Gospodicna Hut, “magic” well 45° 45.9967 15° 17.8396 3 841
Miklavz Hut 45° 46.5778 15° 19.3600 3 964
Grobisce Arheological site 45° 47.2655 15° 20.2740 4 697

Please visit GeoCache official site when you find my GeoCache.

(C)2003 Marko Pavlin

So, who will be the first?

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