The present model can be built in several levels of difficulty. The beginners should choose
the easy level, without hidden constructions. For the more advanced modelers I have given the
opportunity to build light interior and detailed gears and exhaust pipes. To model the interior, you
need to build a hidden construction, which is easy to make. You can build the model with or
without hidden tabs.
This  is absolutely free and I designed it to give you a sample of my new line models.
I have left it in black and white variant. You can try and do artwork yourself. Also cockpit interior
can be developed.

Plane details:

Wingspan 10.97 meters
Length 11.03 meters
Height 4.34 meters
Wing surface 23.50 sq m.
Empty weight 3 420 kg
Engine 1 PE Rolls-Royce Griffon
Power 1 Y 2305
Maximum speed 721 kph
Maximum range 1 850 km
Armament 6 12.7-mm machine-guns




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